Requirements of Submission

  • To participate in IBCC2019, the participating teams need to log on the website: IBCC2019. org and click “Registration” to fill in the registration form and submit the information online firstly;
  • The participants will receive a Registration Number automatically which will be the only proof of your participation for the further proposal submission; Please ensure the proposal includes a digital version of drawings and related instruction documents to the email: in format of PDF before the submission deadline, 24:00 (GMT+8) 15th May, 2019. The subject of the email should be “Title + Registration Serial Number”.
  • Graphic boards: 2 graphic boards in vertical on rigid support, format UNI-EN-ISO A1 containing: Plans, profiles and sections representing the architectural design in scale 1:50; simulations, representations, sketches, profiles, or perspective views (with an appropriate scale) that would be needed to understand the design proposal. Perspective views useful for understanding the project (simulations, photomontage); drawings of constructive details useful for understanding the architectural elements of the used materials and constructive technology, scale 1:10. Processing files must be printed and should not exceed the size of 50 MB for the single file.
  • The Descriptive Report: maximum 6 pages plus the cover – A4 format – printed single side on white paper – body character ARIAL 11 pt. Single line – maximum 5,000 characters – with pictures or explanatory drawings. The report may contain images and diagrams of the proposal. The report shall illustrate: the guiding principles of the choices and description of the design solutions;
  • To guarantee fairness and transparency, digital drawings should only display the Registration Number, and must not contain any names of participants or their university. Failure to observe this requirement will result in disqualification;
  • Proposals that have been submitted to other competitions, or have been published on other public spaces, or that are deemed to be similar to other works in terms of design ideas, will also result in disqualification;
  • The form and proposal (drawings and instruction) will have to be filled out and prepared entirely in English. No proposals in any other languages will be accepted. The organizing committee reserves the right to ask for any clarification or additional information about the submitted entries.